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May 17, 2015

Hello Friends,

Thank you for visiting my site, and thanks to all of you for allowing me to serve you via the divine science of Jyotish for almost 40 years now.

I am never too busy for your requests, yet sometimes it takes me a few weeks to get to your study and commentary. As of today, I am booked through the first week of June, so if you can wait 3-4 weeks to get my commentary, make an order now.

Please use the ordering buttons below to choose which kind of reading you wish, and also send me a separate email with the date, time and place of birth for the person or people you are asking about; or the date, time and place from which you are sending a specific prashna (question chart). 

Email me with what you want me to focus on in the reading, and any SPECIFIC questions you have. I will give whatever commentary I can. I can look back at the chart and add more details if you want to order an additional reading. I can't include everything in one reading, and it's impossible for me to answer additional questions after I send you my comments, without revisiting, restudying, and recommenting on the chart. It is difficult to do a completely thorough reading in one session; I go to my own astrologer in India on a yearly basis. But if something is unclear in the reading I send, I will clarify it via email.

I look forward to the service and am happy to send you a typewritten reading via email or a booklet mailed to your address, usually within two weeks time. Additionally, you can schedule an in-person, tape-recorded session with me in my Alachua, Florida office.  I AM NOT DOING PHONE OR SKYPE SESSIONS RIGHT NOW.

FEES FOR my astrological readings:

$150 extended typewritten and e-mailed to you (6-8 pages)

$75 for a more concise study (3-4 pages)


IN-PERSON INTERVIEWS at my office in ALACHUA, FLORIDA ... (you are responsible for recording the session) reading…….$75

Again, please select one of the options and order it via paypal, then send a separate email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , detailing your birth data, the nature of your request, or the time and date of your question.

Prepayment is required. I humbly request that you follow these guidelines.

Thanks so much! I look forward to giving my interpretations, opinions, and predictions and I pray they will be more than useful and accurate. God bless, Nalini

I am also arranging a webinar for European clients and students (but others are welcome to participate) for June, starting June 17th, for 4 consecutive Wednesdays, at 1:30 pm Fla. time. If you want to join for lessons on Vedic astrology, you are welcome, call me about it.

May all be well with you and yours by the Lord’s grace!



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