Nalinikanta das, or “Nalini,” began his lifelong connection with the culture and spirituality of India in 1970. He has been a student and practitioner of Vedic astrology since the late 1970’s, and has authored two books on the subject: How to Read Your Horoscope (1986) and The Divine Path of Prediction (2002). Since 1989 he has been under the tutelage of the famous Maharishi Bhriguji. He gives seminars worldwide and has read over 50,000 charts in his 39-year career as an astrologer and counselor. He is continually in demand, and is available for personal readings and seminars.

Hello, namaste and THANK YOU for looking into my astrological work!

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST before ordering via one of the buttons below.

I normally have a two to three week waiting list after I receive your order, before I can get to study and email you the written reading; or before we can have a Skype session, or an in-person interview at my office in Alachua, Florida. My working hours are daily, from 9 am-2 pm. You are responsible for recording a discussion with me, if you wish to do so. All readings are prepaid, and I study and comment on them in the order received. When you order, please send me a separate email at the gmail address below, stating your birth date, birth time and birth place, along with the specific questions or specific reasons why you are ordering a chart reading from me.  Thank you for observing this etiquette!

After you receive your reading, or we meet in person or via Skype--- there are always additional questions which arise. It is not possible to cover every question in life in one reading. The more comprehensive reading offered below does allow for additional time with me, or for me to send an email regarding your most important questions on the commentary. You are always welcome to add onto my comments by ordering additional sessions, as frequently as needed. I look forward to serving you.


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This is a 7-8 page typewritten commentary sent to you via email, or a one-hour Skype or in-person session which you record. With this full reading, I will respond to additional questions via email (within limits), or have a phone session with you regarding any clarification you require.


This is a shorter (4-5 pp.) written commentary, sent via email, which can cover your birth chart, or one-year chart from birthday to birthday, or a compatibility analysis for relationships or business. Or, you can request and schedule a 45-minute Skype or phone session, which can cover any topics on your mind or in your life.


This can be a follow-up session on the summary reading above; or, you may request a Muhurtha reading, to find an auspicious time to do things; or request a prashna reading, calculated for the time and place of specific questions--- such as “Should I buy this house?” or “Is it a good idea to take this California or India trip?”

"2017 is my 40th year of astrological work, and I thank all of you who are inspired to contact me. It has been a God-given path for me, and I will predict and advise as best as I can. May you be blessed and find knowledge and help on your life's journey"  -- Nalini