The Divine Bhrigu-Samhita

The ancient Bhrigu-samhita, the most famous astrological text in India, was spoken by the Maharishi Bhrigu 5,000 years ago, and it still exists in written form in a holy center in Northern India. There are several kinds of Bhrigu readings, wherein the sage may speak spiritual guidance for people in general, speak about upcoming major events in the world, or speak briefly or at length about an individual. The “janma phal” or birth chart reading speaks personally to individuals of their past lives, details about the present life, and indications for one’s future existence also. Sri Sneha Amrtanand, and her daughter Hema, translate the sacred Bhrigu-samhita, at the Amrtanand ashram, near the train station in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India.

Since 1989, my wife and I and dozens of friends have continually seen the absolute accuracy and relevance of His words in our lives, and are most grateful for His blessings and guidance. Readings from the true Bhrigu-samhita are a personal exchange between you and this great Maharishi, who is the guru of many great personalities throughout Vedic history.​

Bhrguji is famous in India. There are many astrologers who advertise as Bhrgu readers, but the translators in Hoshiarpur say “we have no branch office,” so I cannot recommend going elsewhere.

For those interested, please contact Nalini for further information and assistance in possibly making your Bhrigu connection. It may take time, but it happens when the time is right or when Bhrigu reciprocates with your prayers/desires.