Recent words from Maharishi Bhrguji: Spoken on Ram Navami 2017

Sri Shukraji , with folded hands, asked of Maharaja Bhrgu, "For everyone's welfare and benefit, and to help them overcome internal enemies, illness, pains, feelings of happiness and distress, and to destroy the demons from which mankind suffers---would You kindly give your holy words of protection to frightened humanity?"

Maharishi Bhrguji replied: "In Chaitra mas (month), waxing Moon phase, after the 8th tithi, betwween Monday and Tuesday and under Punarvasu nakshatra---this planetary yoga is called jagmangalakari (doing good for the whole universe).

See Shukra, until mankind calls out, in full surrender, to the Supreme Lord, they will always be surrounded by such enemies and in fear.

And besides realizing God, he has to think of his self within. Atma jnana is most important. The atma IS free from hankering and lamentation, and IS detached; but according to destiny, the soul is embodied. After death, if we have kept even the smallest desire, we will take another body; thus one must always remember what may happen after death.

Wealth, youth, beauty, power, respect, and strength---when death approaches, these all become meaningless. So, don't waste your life endeavoring for such things. When you do acquire them, you may become arrogant and proud and your soul's progress will be blocked. Life here is unpredictable; be like a lotus, which is always calm, though in the water. Keep yourself in a peaceful state of happiness.

When you call out to the Supreme Lord earnestly, then all enemies, internal and external, leave the body. Mankind swayed by worldly things becomes beaten down and desperate; the mind becomes cluttered and afflicted by these thoughts. The mind is searching for a favorable condition, but becomes overwhelmed by worldliness even though searching for a better state.

One must call out to the Lord! Accept the dualities of material nature, and move forward. It has never happened that everything will be just as we desire here. Seek the shelter of the Lotus Feet of Lord Hari, and by His mercy, transcend duality. Always seek this mercy in a mood of full surrender, and continually endeavor to rid yourself of faults. Be focused on surrender, and nothing else. Get rid of false ego and pull out the roots of desire and of anarthas.

On this auspicious day of Lord Rama's appearance, continually glorify Him. Be doing this japa, you will destroy all misdeeds (papa-karmas). Take a vow to do this; plead that He accepts you as a surrendered soul. Softly and innocently, call out to Him----then we will become fearless, even of death. Always be in saranagati, surrendered to His Lotus Feet. This is the path of progress.

Now a time is coming which can cause a lot of pain, misery; with increased cancer, heart disease and diseases of liver and of blood. For this, I give a divine ausadhi.....

take 1 tsp giloya, with 11 dried yellow Chameli flowers (or 11 leaves of chameli); add juice from 27 tulasi leaves; mix in gold water, dipped 54 times. Take during brahma-muhurtha on Tuesdays and Saturdays for the whole year. Donate channa dhal on Tuesday. Chant one hour daily the victory mantra, "Sri Rama, Jaya Rama, Jaya Jaya Ram; Sri Rama, Jaya Rama, Jaya Jaya Rama."

And every day, take giloya (guduchi) in any form.

(Bhrguji then went into a description of the main events of the next year in India. For the USA, he only mentioned, that after a long, hard struggle, he sees the possibility of a Hillary Clinton comeback).

The Divine Bhrigu-Samhita

The ancient Bhrigu-samhita, the most famous astrological text in India, was spoken by the Maharishi Bhrigu 5,000 years ago, and it still exists in written form in a holy center in Northern India. There are several kinds of Bhrigu readings, wherein the sage may speak spiritual guidance for people in general, speak about upcoming major events in the world, or speak briefly or at length about an individual. The “janma phal” or birth chart reading speaks personally to individuals of their past lives, details about the present life, and indications for one’s future existence also. Sri Sneha Amrtanand, and her daughter Hema, translate the sacred Bhrigu-samhita, at the Amrtanand ashram, near the train station in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India.

Since 1989, my wife and I and dozens of friends have continually seen the absolute accuracy and relevance of His words in our lives, and are most grateful for His blessings and guidance. Readings from the true Bhrigu-samhita are a personal exchange between you and this great Maharishi, who is the guru of many great personalities throughout Vedic history.​

Bhrguji is famous in India. There are many astrologers who advertise as Bhrgu readers, but the translators in Hoshiarpur say “we have no branch office,” so I cannot recommend going elsewhere.

For those interested, please contact Nalini for further information and assistance in possibly making your Bhrigu connection. It may take time, but it happens when the time is right or when Bhrigu reciprocates with your prayers/desires.